"Growth Is A Necessity For Life"

Life is interesting. Each day that we live on this earth we are faced with challenges, obstacles, decisions  to make,laws to abide by, choices to make, choices to abide by based on determining factors and the list seems to go on and on. As humans beings we must ask ourselves, “Is life what I put into it which will determine the outcome?” “Is it what I take from life which will give me the end result? “Should I put myself in a neutral position and go with the flow like a piece of paper being tossed by the force of the wind?” It is amazing that from our first breath of life until our last breath of life as humans we are engaged in a constant battle with the best option for self. Our society seems to have answers to these many obstacles and concerns. I believe that life is a gift from God. I believe that God created heaven and earth and made human beings. Each day that we breathe Gods air we have a chance to grow spiritually and learn more about his powerful word. As human we are here for a purpose and as we live each day we must continue to seek God’s purpose for the growth in our individual life. Every individual has a journey that he or she must fulfill and complete. This journey is a lifelong task and its guidelines are written in God’s word.
My web site is designed to give the individual a deeper understanding of God’s word and a journey towards a life that will be accepted by God.