"Growth Is A Necessity For Life"

Weekly Self Progress Report

 I encourage you to take your weekly test on Saturdays.

Name:                                                                               Date:

1. Please list your weakness:

2. Please list your strengths:

3. Please list your goals:

4. Since reading your daily scripture verse(s) what changes have occurred in your life in the past 7 days?

5. How many minutes (on average) each day did you spend reading and meditating on spiritual awareness? The past 7 days, total amount.

10 - 15 minutes 1 - 3 hours

16 - 25 minutes 4 - 7 hours

26 - 40 minutes 8 - 12 hours

41 - 60 minutes 13 - 20 hours

6. List some of the changes that you have made in your habits, behavior, attitude, surrounding, etc. in the past 7 days.

 7. Please choose one answer: The past 7 days I;

was feeling OK about myself.

was feeling sad about myself.

was angry.

am not sure how I was feeling.

8. How many people did you help in the past 7 days?

9. How many people helped you in the past 7 days?

10. Please complete the following sentence;

If I could do things my way, I would.........